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Wearing crop top. Again?

April 19, 2015

Just in case you’ve forgotten, I love crop top!

Here, I wore the short shirt a little differently.

Instead of a monochrome black and chic look, I choose to dress up more casual. I tried to make it spring-like with pop color, 7/8 pants, and slip-on. Plus a bit wintery, with the almost black top and 3/4 sleeves.

I wish I hadn’t have to talk about winter obviously! Unfortunately, the weather is just a tiny but cool compared to the beautiful sun shining…

Anyway, if I can only wear a 3/4 sleeves crop top without any jacket or sweater, that means summer is around the corner!! Yayyy





CROP TOP, H&M. PANTS, Zara. BELT, Primark. SLIP-ON, Primark. BAG, Balenciaga. SUNGLASSES, Asos.

Crop kisses,


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