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Day And Night On The Bund

November 8, 2015
Shanghai china asia travel bund

“Now look at this, madness the magnet keeps attracting me, me.” Day ‘N’ Night, Kid Cudi.

Day and night on the Bund in Shanghai is a such thing. First, weird to say but this is the place I actually missed the most. Second, Continue Reading

Food Restaurants Travel

Pho Real

November 4, 2015
Pho real restaurant shanghai food pho foodie eat

We haven’t talked yet about THE serious thing—which is actually the food. This trip to Shanghai rather turned into a food trip like. And I think it’s now time to talk about Pho Real, one of my favorite restaurant out there. Continue Reading

Travel 巴黎人 生活


October 31, 2015
shanghai pudong travel blog bund
Let me tell you about my day in Pudong, Shanghai in Madarin Chinese!


Continue Reading