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The weekly rendezvous

March 15, 2015


Each Saturday around 2:15pm, I have a kind not-really-rendezvous (but still important): going to the supermarket.

You’re probably first wondering why. And then, just thinking supermarket is… Um, kind of boring for you, right??

Well, for me… Ummm, kind of exciting!!!

Okay, let me explain, there is a cute guy who’se going EACH Saturday,  SAME time,  SAME supermarket! He’s like a young-very tall-brown hair-blue eyes buying chicken ham-spaghetti De Cecco (OMG, so on point!)-zero coke (such a good point).

Hum, this kind of food shopping sounds like a single man who eat a huge plate of pasta with a coke at home watching PSG-Barça!

Now you know why I need to be the creme de la creme on Saturdays!

Note: only from 2:00pm until he leaves.

Nowadays, it’s getting a sort of ‘Out of sight, out of mind’, like I have to wait a week to see the cute guy which actually live the building right in front of me… #HowToMakeThings(Un)real

Oh sorry guys! I need to go, ’cause at this very moment I only have 4 day, 20 hours, 15 minutes and 60 seconds.

PS: If Mister Supermarket recognize him, I’ll meet him in 4 day, 20 hours, 15 minutes and 60 seconds at the pasta’s departement, so we can plan and decide our upcoming dinner/date!

En deux mots, je dois être au top du top le samedi car depuis quelques semaines un beau brun aux yeux bleus se rend au même supermarché que moi tous les samedi aux alentours de 14h15! 

S’il se reconnait, je lui donne rendez-vous dans 4 jours, 15 minutes et 60 secondes au rayon pâtes, qu’on puisse réfléchir à notre prochain diner galant!





COAT, Shanghai Fabric Market. SWEATER, H&M. DENIM, Primark. SNEAKERS, Isabel Marant. BAG, Chanel.


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  • Reply Ji March 20, 2015 at 9:22 am

    Wish you could come across him again this saturday :-)! can’t wait to know what will happen !
    lots of love from Saigon,

    • Reply violettedaily March 20, 2015 at 9:24 am

      Haha! Well, finger crossed!
      By the way, lucky you to be in Saigon!! 🙂

  • Reply The Sartorial Coquette March 21, 2015 at 7:05 pm

    aww good luck!! <3

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