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S³ = Sun x Sunday x Stripes

April 6, 2015


Sun, Sunday, stripes. And I would add Easter eggs by the way! 🙂

This is all about chillin’! At least, sun and Sunday though. Stripes are just a detail, very small detail.

Uh no, rather the masterpiece of the day! Like one of the masterpiece of this season! You know, besides #IHaveThisThingWithStripes.

Actually, I think I’m going to wear any kind of stripes and colors during all spring/summer long! If you only knew how much I looooove stripes right now! At the same time it looks like fashion magazines, Instagram, blogs, EVERYONE are just living for stripes! Kind of brainwashing, as if it HAS to be! Well, it has to!

Good job Fashion World this trend worked on me (more than flares sorry!!!! hahaha)






PS: That’s crazy but at the moment, I have this a considerable problem with #IHaveThisThingWith!

SHIRT, PANTS, Zara. SNEAKERS, Converse. BAG, Chanel. SANGLASSES, Asos.

Stripe-shaped kisses,


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