Nude Makeup

June 19, 2015

As you probably noticed, I don’t really wear eye makeup and a ton of concealer-foundation-blush. Only the bare minimum!

During summer, this annoying warm and wet season, if you wear too much makeup it’s your own risk!

I guess we’ve all experienced the single drop of sweat – even the tiniest one! – streaming down your face from your forehead through your eyes to your chin. After that, your whole makeup is seriously ruined. Retouches are not advisable but allowed – any little thing helps, if you thought about taking your makeup of course! That’s the point, I always forget!

Let’s get back to the subject! Summer rhymes with lightness, freshness, and purity, non? So, let me give you a little friendly advice: Nude Makeup.

⋅ A light foundation powder: to even out and illuminate you skin. Same complexion as your skin. You can use concealer in some extreme circumstances, like dark circles.

⋅ Mascara: to open your eyes. Besides, if you have blond eyelashes (like me) it gives a nice and modern contrast, between a fair skin and eye contour. It brings out your eyes!

⋅ About lips, no color needed! You can choose between a lip balm like Carmex or Vaseline, or nude lipstick. Both will give very shinny lips, some freshness for summer makeupAnd match perfectly with the black eye contour! 

⋅ Finish with a touch of blush to improve your freshness!

PS: The less makeup you wear, the better your skin will be!

My favorites: Les Beiges – N°1, Chanel. Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara, Dior. Dior Addict Extreme – N°316 Incognito, Dior. Joues Contraste – 71 Malice, Chanel.




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