June 26, 2015

My brother offered me a coupon for a manicure in an institute, and I had it since last Christmas or maybe the year before last Christmas! So I plucked up my courage, and booked my manicure this week!!

Do I owe you an explanation? I guess, because you certainly want to know the why of it, don’t you?

Well, I have a manicure phobia. Like I don’t like it or something, last time I went to the manicure was maybe when I was 10 – because nail polish made me dream! Since this time, I always wanted to do my nails by myself and practised a lot to achieve perfection. Overly perfectionist, asset or fault? Mmm, both!

Besides, when it comes to nail art manicure, count me in!!

For many I’m racking up a ton of nail polish; any kind of color, possible and non-existant! Nail polish are still making me dream, and doing the perfect manicure is THE GOAL! So, better to do my own mani! If not, what if the manicurist is not doing the manicure in the right way? Well, I’d loose my temper and… No, it’s fine!!…

Actually, it’s not fine… Haha. That’s why I guess I probably won’t go to the manicure anymore. But I had a lot of fun! Even if I have more pretty original color (I never give a rest haha!!)!

After all, I loooove this light pink very opaque!! The only color I couldn’t find a-ny-where. So going to the manicure saved myself… Maybe!!

PS: The color is “Mod About You” from O.P.I.






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