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Love at first sight

June 28, 2015

Dear diary,

I couldn’t ever say how cheerful I am since my last purchase, as I keep talking about my roshe run every day, without being bored anyway!

Look at these wonders… That’s was love at first sight… And I can’t get over it…

Could anyone can fall in love with shoes instead of a boy? Even the cutest and kindest ever? Well, I’m the living proof of that! That sounds insane, but how much I adore them!! I have to wear them from the second I wake up till the the second I fall asleep.

Oh by the way, I also thought about sleeping with them, but I felt just like a little victim of a fanatic psychological disorder or something… So, I decided to give them a night off, for their well-being ’cause they deserve it!!

PS: Did I tell you how much I love them? Shall I tell you once again? This love at first sight though…


Kisses from my baby love and I (with a loooot of love!!),

V. ❤️ Nike


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