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July 31, 2015
phone addiction street style paris fashion

We all have our special addiction to something in particular. Some of us are more into avocado, rouge à lèvres or sneakers; just as I am, but it’s more an obsession! Continue Reading


HSK Results

July 15, 2015
HSK level 3 chinese mandarin class

Do you remember June 14th, I took the 汉语水平考试三级 (HSK 3). Before getting HSK results, I was sure I screwed up the whole test! Okay, maybe everything except Continue Reading


Working out

July 9, 2015
working out with nike sneakers

I’m usually working out 3 times a week, once every two day, and rest on the weekend.

I’m so sad because I used to have this boxing class, one of my favorite way to work out and blow off some steam. Continue Reading


Sunday Pool

July 2, 2015
bikini triangl sunday pool

In the whole very busy-to-many-things-to-do-before-living (could not write more words!!), I had to take a break. Like a Sunday Pool, lay on a pool chair, and breathe! Continue Reading