July 29, 2015
fragrance bois d'argent dior perfume beauty

We all have our favorite fragrance, so special that we will never get tired of it, and just cannot live without. So, when Bois d’Argent has the terrible misfortune to be empty, what happens then???

What happen is that if I’m not in Paris, there is no solution… Or ordering it online, it can takes several days; however even two days is way too long! And this lead to an unease or ill-being, like a breakdown.

I told you, I can’t live without Bois d’Argent!

Well, I have the right solution to avoid this breakdown smell is to buy a bottle of fragrance just before leaving Paris for holidays! Even if your bottle is half full! Never say ‘half empty’, don’t be too negative keep it cool!! 😉 We never know…what if the bottle breaks apart? Don’t take the risk!!

PS¹:Let it be clear, your fragrance is almost more important than your outfits, maybe more!

PS²: Bois d’Argent, I love you!

fragrance bois d'argent dior perfume beauty

fragrance bois d'argent dior perfume beauty




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