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Café Malabar

July 10, 2015
Coffee shop cafe malabar paris

In the quest for finding the best cappuccino ever, I went to Café Malabar rue Saint Dominique, in the 7th arrondissement, to have a look at this coffee shop.

It’s been a long time since I wanted to go there because great location, nice design, and of course my desire for cappuccino.

I first had a great impression, but there is only very few tables on the terrace, and you don’t really have “your own space”. I know it could sound weird but having a cappuccino means a lot for me; exactly as this famous sentence “but, coffee first”.

So, I had a cappuccino; very pretty, but the taste was a bit under what I was expecting… I was very happy to have a straw, so then my teeths won’t end up with yellowish marks!! However, Café Malabar is still a very nice place and I recommend it to everyone! Don’t forget to take a look on the right, how could you dare miss the Eiffel Tower?! 

Besides, at some point I should come back at the evening to have a delicious cocktail (in the most good looking glasses :)) and grab some food! I’m definitely in love with this café, which turns more into a bar at the evening.

PS: I still feel great sitting at this table and starring at each single person while I was sipping my cappucc’. Gosh, how Parisian I am!

Café Malabar*: 88, rue Saint Dominique, 75007 Paris.

Coffee shop cafe malabar paris

Coffee shop cafe malabar paris

Coffee shop cafe malabar paris

Coffee shop cafe malabar paris

Coffee shop cafe malabar paris




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    So lovely!

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